Myntra launches accelerator programme for local fashion brands

Myntra has launched an accelerator programme in collaboration with Chemistry and AKS to connect with the local fashion brands.

IndiaRush : Secrets behind its success

IndiaRush, focuses on women fashion, achieving high target. A company started with few lakh and now reached ₹80 crore.

Thewa Jewelry- Pink City’s regal form of art

Thewa jewelry has been a part of Jaipur's heritage for centuries. Take a look to find out more about it!

Bagru Print- The enticing Rajasthani block print!

Bagru Print has been the official mark on outfits for not only the people of Jaipur but also around the country. Find out more about it!

The Sanganeri Print : Jaipur’s most colorful Block print design

If you want to know about the fabric or bed sheet design that is the favorite of every Rajasthani, then check this Sanganeri Print.

Bandhej – One of the most famous Rajasthani Art

Bandhini is one of the most famous arts of Rajasthan since olden times and is one of the most beautiful arts. Check this post to know more about Bandhej.

Jaipuri Razai – Pink City’s comforter

Jaipuri Razai has kept the Pink City people warm in the winters, for a long time. See this post to know more!
Raymond KVIC khadi

Raymond to sell Khadi products from August

Raymond has partnered with Khadi Village & Industries Commission to sell rebranded Khadi products under brand name Khadi by Raymond.

Lac Bangles – Jaipur’s adorable wristlets

Lac Bangles have been an accessory of the women of Jaipur for ages. It is one of the most beautiful ornaments. Know more about it in this post.

Kundan Meena – The royal Jaipur jewelry

If you are going for that big party or wedding, Kundan Meena is the best kind of jewelry you can choose. See this post to know about this Jaipuri Jewelry!