Youtube’s new AR will allow you to try on virtual makeup

YouTube is now introducing a new AR feature for virtual makeup try-on right from the YouTube app. It will be called as AR Beauty Try-On and this feature is designed to be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch the makeup tutorial. MAC Cosmetics is the first brand to launch an AR Beauty Try-On campaign.

Starting this summer onwards, Google will allow users to experiment with augmented reality makeup in YouTube. The idea behind this is is to use the experience like an interactive ad where  you can watch a beauty vlogger giving tips about a specific brand of cosmetic, and a new “Virtual try on” feature which will show you how you could look while wearing the product

How it works:

The tool first creates a split screen, and plays YouTube content on the top half for which it uses front-facing cameras. With the help of cameras it captures users and AR filters to apply virtual makeup samples in the lower screen. Now with the help of machine learning, the tool works on a full range of skin tones. Google has already demoed the tool with several beauty brands. In those trials, it was found that 30 percent of viewers activated the AR experience in the YouTube iOS app and spent an average of about 80 seconds trying on virtual lipstick.

However, Google is not the first one to offer a virtual makeup try-on experience. There are a number of AR beauty apps offering a similar experience to YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On, including YouCam MakeupSephora’s Virtual ArtistUlta’s GLAMLab and others including the fun makeup filters available on various social networking platforms. L’Oréal also offers Live Try-On on its website and had partnered with Facebook last year to bring virtual makeup to the site. Target’s online Beauty Studio also offers virtual makeup across a number of brands and products.

The difference with YouTube’s AR Try-On, however, is that it is really much more about offering an AR-powered ad campaign and not just a fun tool for on-site e-commerce conversions.


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