Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

“Sarvam Avare bele mayam”

-Everything is filled with Avare bele (flat beans)


Its raining Avare bele and Hitika bele in namma Bengaluru this winter! And there is no better way of celebrating this joy with a food festival!


Avare Bele Mela or the Flat Bean Fair organised  by “Sri Vasavi Condiments” every year at Thindi Beedi, celebrates the harvest of Avarekai-a seasonal crop available only in the winter season, with great pomp and fervor. Mrs Geetha Sivakumar owner of  Vasavi Condiments started this as initiative to help avarekai farmers (who are a plenty in this region) by giving them a means of selling their wares. Within a time span of fifteen years this food festival has evolved as the much awaited food bonanza of the year in Bengaluru drawing large amount of crowds.


This season just got better at Thindi Beedi or the food street at V.V.Puram, offering the foodies an umpteen variety of food all with an avare-twist. The open air kitchens give you an opportunity to peek into the making of those flavorsome dishes (the hungry overcrowded counters will not let you do that). You can find stalls put up selling avarekai uppitu, avare bele shavigebath, avarekai dosa, avare bele kodubale, avare bele nippat and lots more.


You name it and this street will definitely have it. Also one of the most unique experimentation done here is definitely the avare bele noodles and avare bele manchurian. The enticing jalebis and jamuns aren’t left behind either. The avare bele fever has hit the pani puri wallahs too serving some unique avare bele pani puri in small katoris (bowls).


You can find farmers selling fresh avarekalu and peanuts by the road side during the evening. For all the ladies out there who fancy artificial jewelry this mela has got that too. You can also find vendors selling colorful balloons and ethnic handicrafts.Towards the end of the street you can find various shops serving kulfi, lassi, milkshake and ice cream.

Farmer selling avarekalu

The ones who are watchful about their health, don’t you worry, this bean rich in nutrients and proteins is definitely one of the most healthiest bean to munch on.

Timings: 11:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M

Address: Thindi Beedhi, Sajjan Rao circle, V.V.Puram, Bengaluru.


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