Jaipur’s top five summer coolers


With the temperature rising in the state, Rajasthan’s capital is heating up like a furnace. But while it is impossible to not go out, it is possible to keep a cool head when you save yourself from the scorching heat. Although, the air conditioned cars and homes seem to bring some relief when you return from work in the hot afternoons, the thing that can really make your day is a cool, refreshing drink that can revitalise your inner self.

Pink City has its own set of summer coolers that have made a splash across the country and can be labeled as Jaipur’s local Mojitos. Most of them are regular thirst quenchers that can be easily prepared at home, while the others are special beverages that need special ingredients known only to the experts. So here are five rejuvenating local summer drinks of the hot state that will make you feel cool as a cucumber.
1. Chhachh 


‘Chhachh’ or buttermilk is a drink which is a common drink in the Rajasthan household. It is made of curd or yogurt and flavored with cumin powder, mint powder and a pinch of salt. It not only takes away the exhaustion but also helps digestion.

2. Gulab Sharbat 


‘Rose Sharbat’ which is like rose syrup with thin consistency. It cools down the body and is delicious. ‘Gulab ka Sharbat’ consists rose petals, sugar and cardamom seeds. To add a little tang to it, lemon and beetroot can also be put in it.

3. Thandai 


This cold drink is also known as ‘Sardai’ in some regions and is very energising. It is prepared with whisked milk and made aromatic by combining it with cardamom powder, pistachios, and cinnamon, saffron and fennel seeds. Its deep flavour comes from almonds and cashew nuts. It is a drink not only had in summers but is also popular when it comes to being served during local festivities.

4. Kairi Ka Jaljeera 


This drink will revive when you come from the blistering heat. It is made with raw mangoes, mint, coriander and black salt. It is usually served chilled and acts as an appetizer before meals. The tangy mango taste will perk up the mood and cool down your temperature.

5. Amlana 


This traditional cooling drink’s main ingredient is tamarind pulp and spiced up with cardamom and black pepper. Its sharp taste peps up the body and helps you get ready for the day. You can also garnish it with mint leaves.

It’s that time of the year when you need to chill out, so why not chill out with these cool local drinks instead of the ordinary soft drinks!