5 Best places for street food in Hyderabad!

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw IT'S HYDERABAD CALLING!! The City of Pearls-Hyderabad, a hi-tech cosmopolis has a lot to offer...

The Spice Route-Winter Collection Food Review

We had the chance to review the winter collection menu for the spice route imperial hotel made by the Chef Veena Arora.

Pop Beer Bottles @ Poptates

While the list of casual watering holes cum cafe is long and inclusive of places like Alfredos, Jugheads, Citrus etc, Bindiya Chotrani picks up the much-famed Poptates in Versova and decodes the tactics adopted by it when charming loyalists.

Casual Dining @ Alfredo’s Andheri

Bindiya Chotrani walks into Alfredos at Andheri wondering if this one is going to be a letdown when compared to the one at Juhu.

Fine Dining @ Mainland China

Bindiya Chotrani experiences fine dining at mainland China and tells us if this one keeps up to its repute of the same.

Maharashtra Masala

Read on as the Tanvi Juwale lists down 11 ‘not-so-famous’ but ‘need-to-try-once-before-you-die’ Maharashtrian dishes.

A Package Deal – Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Bindiya Chotrani asks you to walk into Dinshaws Xpress Café, a café that has an outlet in Versova and another in Oshiwara, for a simple yet delectable meal.

Leap in @ Leaping Windows, Versova

Bindiya Chotrani walks into Leaping Windows and discovers a double whammy.

Diwali Soiree @ Ambrosia – The Bake Shop, Chembur

Bindiya Chotrani tells you about the Diwali Soiree being conducted at Ambrosia - The Bake Shop, Chembur, Bombay.

Quench, Versova : Big package in Small Place

Bindiya Chotrani visits Quench, a small-eater in Versova, on a dining companion’s insistence and finds out.