Top 4 Monsoon Delights to Try Out in Jaipur

mirchi vada jaipur

A question that is used more as a remark now-a-days is ‘How Cool is THAT!!’ And this monsoon, these are the words that come to my mind whenever I see it pouring outside. Getting drenched in the rain after bearing the scorching heat of the months of April and May, how cool is that!

Have you ever wondered that this monsoon also brings out in us the hunger to gorge on all the cool delicacies that our city has to give? I don’t intend for you to take that in the literal sense because I’m sure most of us like the hot and sweet, spicy and Namkeen treats of the city. And now that we are speaking about food, I’m sure all the Jaipurites, young and old, spontaneously plan their day out with food being the destination.

Being a foodie and a lover of the city, I’ve always been the one to determine where my pals and I would make the port of call when it comes to indulging in the mouth watering vegetarian specialties of Jaipur. The very mention of those places makes my mouth water, but gulping down my gluttonous feelings, I am going to reveal the names of my top five favorite places where people like me pleasure our taste buds- rain or shine.

Pyaaz ki Kachori at Rawat Sweets

A tea time snack, not to be missed, at Rawat Sweets near Sindhi Camp is going to bring you the crisp and the spicy, raining down yummy flavors in your mouth. A perfect way to start your evening would be to come here and enjoy the onion filled kachoris.

Address:- Polovictory, Jaipur

(LMB) Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar’s Ghewar

ghewar in jaipur

A delicacy usually had during the Teej festival but works for all those who have a sweet tooth even during the rainy days. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar is one of the famous shops where you can savour this deep fried sweet made of Mawa and come back home feeling contented.

Address:- Johari Bazar, Jaipur

Sodhani Sweets and Mirchi Vadas

mirchi vada jaipur


A much loved food item, for those who like it the zesty way, is the Mirchi Vada. Coated with gram flour and then deep fried, the green chillies in your mouth are going to make you ask for more. The most popular destination for this snack would be the Sodhani Sweets in Bapu Nagar.

Address:- Tonk Road, Bapu nagar, Jaipur.

Coffee Shop near Statue Circle


To perk up the day or evening in this monsoon, having coffee at the Statue Circle of Jaipur will surely prove to be delightful. Although you can get coffee anywhere in the city, it’ll be hard for you to forget the enjoyable moments you had with your loved one(s) while sipping hot soothing coffee and admiring the beauty around.

For those who are new to Jaipur and have no clue as to where to enjoy yummy food in this cool weather, I would recommend these places for you to feel right as rain. And for all those who have already ‘been there, done that’ then I would just say ‘How Cool is THAT!!’