Top five sweet dishes of Jaipur!

Sweet dishes

Festivals always bring people together and give them a reason to have a good time with their family and friends. The people of India with the many festivities that they have are known to have a sweet tooth. And when it comes to celebrating there is no better way than to keep people sweet by offering them delicious delicacies. With the countless sweet shops you can find in the city, there are ‘Mithaais’ (see sweet dish) that are known to be the local specialties of Pink City.

Feni is one of the most famous sweet dishes that are loved by the people of Jaipur, especially in the winters. Its name derives its meaning from the word ‘fine’ since the dough with which it is made is fine and flaky. It could also be called as Shredded Vermicelli. ‘Sutarfeni’ is another variant of Feni. It is prepared by kneading the flour for a few hours with Ghee and after getting the right consistency, segments of it are deep fried in a coiled like shape. After straining it overnight it is poured with sugar syrup. This winter sweet tastes best with thick ‘Kheer’ or cold Milk.

This mouth-watering ‘Gajak’ is another item on Jaipur’s sweet menu which is also sometimes known as ‘Jaipur ki Gajak’. It is a blend of sesame and jaggery which makes a sort of sesame brittle, enjoyed a lot in the winters. By roasting the sesame seeds and cardamom and then combining it with jaggery that is dissolved over a high temperature, you can enjoy a crispy and sweet winter after meal.

With ‘Dal Baati’ being the core Rajasthani main course, it is incomplete without offering ‘Churma’ as it is the sweet component of the meal. It is made of flour or ‘Besan’ which is coarsely grained and mixed with Ghee. It is fried thereafter and blended until it forms a fine powdery mixture. Sugar, almonds and cardamom powder are then added to it for the extra flavor. Other dry fruits may also be used to enhance its taste. You can also make Ladoos out of it.

This traditional dessert originating from Jaipur is probably a sweet course that is relished the most by not only Jaipurites but by people from all over the country. You can find a variety of ‘Ghevar’ like plain or Mawa or Malai. It is prepared by soaking all purpose flour with sugar syrup and then shaping it accordingly. It is shaped like a disc and looks as alluring as it tastes.

This dainty treat may not stem from Jaipur but is one of the most enjoyed desserts in the city. Its preparation includes deep frying of a batter made of ‘Urad Flour’ (see black gram)in the form of a circular flowery kind of shape after which it is soaked in sugar syrup. It is sometimes confused with another similar looking sweet called ‘Jalebi’ but is comparatively thinner. They are best served when hot.

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB), Sodhani Sweets, Rawat Mishthan Bhandar are among the top places to get these mouth watering sweets. So add some sugar to your life by trying out these sweet dishes of Jaipur this winter!