A few iPhone 12 units affected by display tinting and flickering issues

iphone 12 advanced feature
Image Source: cnet.com

Reports from users and internal memo of Apple says that the latest flagship line of Apple has been affected by display issues.

MacRumors obtained an internal document shared with Apple service providers and it suggests that Apple is aware of reported green or yellow tints and flickering issues present on some new iPhones.

However, Apple has asked the service centers not to perform surgery on these phones to solve the issues, suggesting the company believes that it’s a software issue instead of a panel problem.

Users at Apple’s official forum reported the issues in early November. One user says that the tinting problem happens on an iPhone 12 when display brightness is less than 90%. The poster said that black pixels are not turning off in dynamic scenes. In static scene, black pixels are turning off after a few seconds.

A user of Reddit claims that the display on iPhone 12 Pro Max flickers under certain conditions. The user wrote that it is not noticeable while watching videos or movies with the black bars on sides but now he has seen it. Reddit has many other posts of users who claimed the same problems with their new iPhones.

iPhone 12 is not the only phone that has faced screen issues this year. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE also came under fire from a few owners for jittery touch registration and zoom animations. Samsung then issued three firmware patches to fix the problem but a few users are still facing the same issues. Previously, devices like Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 series and OnePlus 8 also exhibited some colour tinting issues.

Its not clear when or how Apple will address these iPhone 12 display maladies.