Amazon starts rolling out Whisper Mode on Alexa Based Smart Speakers, set to off on Default

Image Source: Google

Amazon’s Alexa has a new feature added to her and that is quite peaceful, as what the feature states, “Whisper Mode”

At Amazon’s event earlier this month, Amazon’s Alexa was announced to get Whisper Mode to the addition of its features. And, so it did.

The company had announced to bring it soon to the devices soon, in the upcoming weeks. The new update has carried the feature and has started to roll out for the users in the US.

This among one of the moments was Amazon has decided to include the contextual awareness to its smart devices. And so does the feature works in the same manner. Amazon has also introduced the new Alexa Guard, a safety feature which takes care of alarming in case of burglary, smoke alarms or any other instance as such.


  • Whisper mode is only rolling out to users in the US
  • Whisper mode works only in US English
  • The feature needs to be enabled in Settings

Addition of other new features may show up later

TechCrunch reports that the whisper mode is rolling out to users in the US, and works in US English only for now.

It is disabled by default, and users in the US will have to enable it via the Alexa app.

Head to Settings > Alexa account > Alexa voice responses > Whispered responses to enable whisper mode. Separately, you can also turn it on by using the voice command, ” Alexa, turn on whisper mode.

In order to bring whisper mode, the team had to construct a neural network to figure out when the user is whispering and the text-to-speech team had to figure out how to have Alexa whisper and play a lullaby.

Apart from this, Alexa is also set to get more conversational with a new addition called Follow-Up coming soon.

It looks to bring contextual conversations to Alexa. For example, “What’s the weather in LA?” leads to info, “how far is it?” leads to the answer, and “recommend a restaurant there” will give eatery suggestions.


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