Apple might release the next-gen of AirPods in the first half of 2019

Apple AirPods

Apple had introduced the AirPods back in 2016 and since then the earpiece has not been subjected to any kind of upgrade. Nevertheless, recent rumors suggest the possibility of a second-generation of AirPods and now a report has claimed that Apple will be launching the AirPods 2 in the first half of 2019.

DigiTimes has said in a report that in the upcoming three or four months we are sure to hear an announcement regarding the launch of the next generation of AirPods. Apple is not expected to make radical design changes to the AirPods as it might make the device bulky and unattractive.

Bloomberg while reporting about the possibility of the launch of AirPods 2, though without going into many details, said that Apple might introduce features like integrated health monitoring in the device.

The current version of AirPods, not unlike iPhones and Apple Watch, come integrated with an accelerometer which could help in determining body movement. Apart from that, the batteries inside the AirPods are tiny so while integrating the health monitor feature might as well increase the size of the battery, nevertheless, given Apple’s reputation for style over substance it is unlikely that we see any battery changes on the device.

Notably, DigiTimes has not always been accurate when it comes to leaks about Apple.

In the meantime, Apple’s long-awaited charging mat, the AirPower, has also reportedly gone into production and might hit the market this year. A tweet by Chargelab reveals that the manufacturer Luxshare Precision, who also makes Apple’s AirPods and USB-C cables, has finally started producing Apple’s charging mat and they have gained this piece of information from a credible source in the supply chain. The news was originally reported by MacRumors.

ChargeLab followed that tweet with another one which stated that the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Pegatron, will also be working on mass producing the AirPower from January 21. The tweet adds that a company employee has informed ChargeLab that the AirPower will have a total of three coils in “8-7-7 configuration” from bottom to top.

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