Apple to provide users with online tools in US to see what data is collected

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Apple believes in transparency and to bring this possibility to its users, they seem to take a better step

Apple this Wednesday rolled out an online tool which would allow the users to check on their data how and where are they utilized after being stored. The tool has been released for the US and the other limited countries.

“Apple updated its privacy website with the tool, which was revealed earlier this year for users in the EU in response to the region’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.”

Apple will now allow its users in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand see and download all information that Apple has collected on them.

This tool will allow them to access the way their data has been put in use too. Either they can alter, suspend their Apple Account or even permanently delete them.

People all around the Globe are more concerned about their data now

Apple earlier had the same offer for the users to maintain transparency but, decided to release it for the major countries after the European Union’s Privacy Law.

The company has decided to launch the tool with the same accessibility to every other user around the globe by the end of the year.

Apple’s devices like the iPhones or even the Apple Watches, have been collecting the data over time. Whether it has fingerprints or, even the basic data on the heart rate sensor.

Apple’s albeit on their part

Notably, Apple’s practice has been to seal the data on the devices themselves and encrypt it with the user’s passcode. Ensuring, that Apple does not possess the data and cannot unscramble it if asked to do so by law enforcement officials.

Apple has sought to turn its privacy stance into a business advantage against its technology industry rivals, with Chief Executive Tim Cook saying that Apple “wouldn’t be in this situation” earlier this year when Facebook came under scrutiny for the misuse of its data by Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, in turn, called Cook’s comments “extremely glib.”

Can entrusting our data with Tech Giants be safe in the future?

With all the measures explained above, there is no proven fact or evidence over the issue that there isn’t even a little bit of data the company has been saving with them. This is been stating after the fact that, Apple has access to every data of the user & can easily save the data they desire to for their future benefit.

For example, Apple collects data on users’ reading habits to improve suggestions in its Apple News app, but it says that data is linked to an anonymous identifier, rather than a personal profile and that it is not connected to its other services and can be reset at any time.

Apple also expanded its guide for users on how to adjust their privacy settings.

For example, Apple’s default settings allow some advertising tracking in is App Store and Apple News, but it explains how users can limit that tracking.


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