Battle against the bezels : Xiaomi to release Mi 11 with in-display camera

Under-Display camera
From Android Police

Battle of the Bezels

Ever since the battle against technology to reduce bezels began back in 2016 and 2017. Multiple companies used cheap tactics and dissent to gather a higher market share. While looking down on the people who have phones with notches. They soon themselves began adopting those same designs. So much so that today most phones from the front from even different companies are indistinguishable.

In a time like that ZTE, Samsung, Xiaomi are trying their best to create a phone with an in-display camera. ZTE just came out with their ZTE Axon 20 5G and it looks like Xiaomi is going to follow suit with their Xiaomi Mi 11 which is to come out in 2021 with a 3rd generation in-display camera.

Xiaomi Under-Display camera
From Gadget 360

Creating these are a feat of engineering and design to remove those apparent “horrible notches” from their designs. Like every piece of technology as more and more companies start doing it and keep undercutting each other these devices would soon enter the hands of the masses. Making it a big ‘W'(Win) for the consumers but one more thing down in the quest to make the perfect device for uninterrupted media consumption.


Now although the future lies with things such as AR glasses and brain implants. These will be more accessible and desirable by a lot of people.

So now it begs a question that after all phones reach maximum display, what is next, the deal phone you desire. Mention it in the comments section down below and next time maybe we can discuss what your ideal phone would be.

If you can’t wait till 2021 for the Xiaomi Mi 11 with the In-Display camera you can check out the article on ZTE Axon 20 5G, the world’s first phone with an in-display camera.


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