Entry-level 5G smartphones powered by Snapdragon 400 launching in 2021

Image Source : NASSCOM Community

Affordable 5G smartphones will be available in the market by 2021. Qualcomm is planning to bring 5G connectivity to Snapdragon 400 series by next year. According to sources, the phones released under this category will be priced at around $200. Qualcomm has already released mobile processors with 5G support but for the first time, 5G network connectivity will be supported in budget phones.

The Snapdragon 4 series will be released in international markets as well. 5G network is at present available in around 35 countries and the count is expected to increase soon. Xiaomi and Motorola are the first two brands planning to release 5G smartphones powered by Snapdragon 400. The 5G communication system will be helpful for fast download and upload speeds. Users will be able to download movies in just a few seconds and make video calls without any issues of network connectivity and video quality.

Image Source : Android Central

Despite all this, we all have to accept a truth that the 5G network is being rolled out in a very slow way. The installation of this network has been delayed in a country like India which is the second largest smartphone market. Since 5G is a short range technology and would require more towers, its going to be expensive and a slow process to get installed in India.


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