Google Camera 6.1 to port its features to other devices: Night Sight & Live Google Lens

Image Source: Google

New Google Camera 6.1 to bring a lot of new additions to its previous lists of features for other Smartphones

With the release of Pixel 3 & the Pixel 3 XL, Google’s Camera 6.1 was released. A new redesigned UI and a lot of new features in addition to the older Generations of Pixel.

The features included RAW capture support, capturing audio via external microphone during video recording, HEVC encoding, and more.

Google’s Camera App has a lot of features in it which actually help to process the image very well and that in turn makes any decent smartphone’s optics in a Great Smartphone Camera. This is all thanks to the Google Camera’s image processing and its HDR+ processing on the images clicked.

The Pixel 3 & XL users are provided with some of the exclusive features from Google Camera such as Top Shot, Night Sight, and Photobooth, which users have been awaited for a long time to port to other devices.

A senior member from XDA Community helping in its development

Now, an early implementation of Google Camera 6.1 by XDA Senior Member Arnova8G2 brings somewhat working sample of Night Sight and Live Google Lens to the OnePlus 6 and a few other devices.

Arnova8G2 is one of the developers from the XDA Community who received a OnePlus 6 directly from the company to help in development.

This early implementation of the software is obviously not without bugs, though. Night Sight photos either work or miss the moment, but even getting it working in its current state is a great sign for future development.

Some Updates may bring revolution in the Smartphone Camera Department

People unknown about the feature, Night Sight is a new feature to take photos in low light without the use of a flash.

Night Sight Off


Flash makes up unnatural light in place of natural lighting conditions and can lead to incorrect exposures and shadows. Night Sight circumvents this by capturing lots of photos with a slightly above average exposure time and then putting & layering them together.

Night Sight On

Pixel 3 will soon be provided with Night Sight

The New Live Google Lens may be handier than we think

Live Google Lens is exactly what it sounds like: recognizing objects in the frame in real-time. It’s very useful for scanning QR codes or business cards. Along with having a few other use cases as well.

Slow Motion, Photobooth, and Super Res Zoom are features which are not supported currently. Users hope those will be fixed at some point. This build is an early indication of what’s to hope for the Future.


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