Google Pixel 3 teased in the market, launch by October 9

Image Source: Google

Google Pixel 3, teased ahead of its launch; October 9


  • Google Store has received a new Pixel 3 teaser page
  • Pixel 3 has been rumored to sport dual selfie cameras
  • Pixel 3 series launch is set for October 9

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the next predecessors to the smartphone line by the tech giant Google for 2018.

With less than a month to go the tech giant, Google has teased its loyalists by putting up the teaser for it on their official website & will probably make a big buzz. The official Google Store has shown the indication of a new “3” on its online web page to make the online media go nuts for the new line-up.

A mere coincident, or maybe not Google decided to go for news to release right after the unveiling of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR at an event at its Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

The Teaser

The teaser page is now live on Google Store and states the text, “Stay tuned! Looks like you’ve already enrolled for updates from the Google Store. Be on the lookout for some news from us on Oct. 9.”

While the teaser does not state about the Pixel 3 or the Pixel 3 XL, hopefully, we will find out the same arrangement over the previous two launches, if not more.

The core design for the Pixel 3 duo has been jumping around in controversies over the past few weeks.

Image Source: Google

Sources and rumors have been stating that the Google Pixel 3 duo will most probably carry a larger notch design than Apple’s new iPhone X smartphone line up.

Spicing things up, rumors state to have spotted a Google Pixel 3 variant in Lyft Cab, in the US with a large notch than usual.

With regard to the fact that Google may be diverting everyone’s mind by letting them think over this controversy. Google, might release the Pixel 3 variants with a subtler look and appeal.

Hi-Res leaks from the past states that the smartphone might sport a dual selfie camera setup. As well as a chin at the bottom with the recent trend of going with bezeless design in the market.


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