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HTC unveils Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Pro

HTC has announced two new VR headsets for its Vive line-up, the HTC Vice Pro Eye and the HTC Vive Cosmos.

HTC Vive Pro Eye

The Vive Pro eye is a new variation of HTC’s high-end Vive Pro virtual reality headset. The new Vive Pro Eye, which has been revealed at CES today, comes in with native, built-in eye tracking. The headset comes in with a new technology called “foveated rendering” that delivers sharp images for whenever the human eye is looking in a virtual scene and reduces the image quality of objects on the periphery.

With built-in eye tracking, there are a variety of new possibilities at hand for VR. With the inclusion of higher-quality images, this technology will also help in hands-free interactions and accessibility options for those who aren’t able to use full-motion controllers. Users would be able to open, search and select objects in VR by just focusing their line of sight.

HTC showcased eye-based controls with a Major League Baseball app called MLB Home Run Derby VR, which will launch this year.

HTC previously offered a kit to add eye-tracking to Vive, however, the new Vive Pro Eye takes it a step further to make it an in-built headset feature.

The Vive Pro is a VR that is on the higher-end of price as well. The device is currently being sold at $799(₹56,000 approximately)

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC had filed a trademark last year for the name “Vive Cosmos” and speculations were made that this might show up at CES. The speculations turned out well founded as the second reveal of HTC’s VR announcement at CES is the new Vive Cosmos.

The Vive Cosmos briefly appeared on HTC’s CES presentation and based on its short appearance the Cosmos is HTC’s take at more mainstream VR headsets. It doesn’t require any external sensors and is based on fully tracked motion controllers. The headset is being advertised as a device with absolute comfort and easy setup, intended for home and mobile use.  HTC also posted on Twitter about the availability of the Cosmos.

The headset is supposed to connect to a computer at first and then it can be expanded to other platforms. HTC has said that it can also be connected to a smartphone and the teaser video in their official tweet suggests the same.

The Cosmos is the third major line of Vive headsets, after the original Vive and the Vive Focus, which launched in China and was released worldwide in November.

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