HTC Vive Cosmos is the clearest consumer VR headset

HTC has now finally whipped the covers off its new VR headset, the Vive Cosmos. The new headset offers inside-out tracking, improved displays, and a modular design.

The Vive Cosmos boasts an LCD display with a combined 2880×1700 combined resolution (1440×1700 per eye), which is higher than both the Rift S (1280×1440 per eye) and the new Valve Index (1440×1600 per eye). HTC’s teaser says “experience VR at 90 fps,” presumably indicating a 90 Hz refresh rate—higher than the Rift S (80 Hz) but lower than the Valve Index (120 Hz).

Here are the latest details HTC has released:

  • Cameras: 6 cameras offer a premier inside-out tracking experience, including a robust room-scale experience and smooth controller tracking.
  • Vented front design: A new venting system keeps air flowing so users can stay in VR for longer without fatigue and stay cooler.
  • Modular faceplate: Cosmos can grow with you over time due to a swappable faceplate that can be updated for different XR needs in the future.
  • Flip-up design: Offering absolute comfort with a convenient flip-up halo design, allowing users to easily step out of VR without removing their headset.

However, no word on the pricing or availability has been given by HTC. Since it was first unveiled at CES earlier this year, HTC has been quite secretive about the Cosmos. But, looking at the specs and design details we’ve been given so far, it’s likely going to be a major player in the VR field when it eventually rolls out.


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