Intel 9th Generation 8-Core Mobile CPUs to be unleashed today

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Intel is announcing its latest, 9th generation, laptop processors, today. They will be releasing more Intel 9th Generation processors for PCs which includes gaming notebooks and high-end laptops. And its latest line of H-series Intel Core chips, announced Tuesday, offer up to a 33 percent overall performance increase over processors from three years ago, according to the chipmaker.

Intel’s 9th Generation mobile CPU parts seem to be an obvious attempt on putting the company back on a more aggressive footing. Intel’s Core i9-9980HK has a single-core turbo frequency of up to 5GHz and a whopping eight-core/16-thread configuration. Intel claims that it can deliver the chip in the same 45W TDP envelope as the Core i9-8950HK. For comparison, that CPU had a base clock of 2.9GHz and a boost frequency of 4.8GHz. The Core i9-9980HK has a base frequency of 2.4GHz and the aforementioned 5GHz boost. The chip will also feature Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost, which allows a CPU to run as much as 200MHz faster in short bursts if the Tcase temperature is below 50C.

“There’s a ton of new stuff here,” Hamberger said. “But the hero, of course, is desktop-caliber performance in a notebook—you know, that theme that we’re leading with, especially externally—and that you can get what you need for that: 5GHz. Like the first time, we have 5GHz, so that highest level performance frequency for single-threaded workloads. You know, gaming is very single-threaded dependent at that frequency.”

Headlining the latest H-series processor pack is an Intel Core i9-9900HK chip, boasting eight cores, 16 threads, and a wildly high maximum 5GHz clock speed when Turbo Boost is activated. Intel is marketing the chip to game streamers, who need to both run the latest PC titles and, at the same time, record and render footage of them playing those games over the internet.

According to Intel, the same chips will be paving the way for notebooks with thin designs. But if you plan on running the latest PC games over the hardware of a power plug, you might get only an hour or two of battery life, depending on the design. All of the H-series chips announced today are 45-watt chips.


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