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Intel’s new Agilex family of FPGA family unveiled

Intel has finally announced its Agilex family of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). 

These integrated circuits are designed to be configured post-manufacture which is a versatile tech with applications in a swath of domains including high-performance computing, consumer electronics, bioinformatics, medicine, security, and even aerospace and defense.

“The race to solve data-centric problems requires agile and flexible solutions that can move, store and process data efficiently. Intel Agilex FPGAs deliver customized connectivity and acceleration while delivering much-needed improvements in performance and power1,2 for diverse workloads.” –Dan McNamara, Intel senior vice president, Programmable Solutions Group.

What’s so unique:

The Intel Agilex family combines FPGA fabric built on Intel’s 10 nanometers (nm) process with innovative heterogeneous 3D SiP technology. This provides the capability to integrate analog, memory, custom computing, and Intel eASIC device tiles into a single package with the FPGA fabric.

The Intel Agilex FPGA provides new capabilities to help accelerate the solutions of tomorrow. These innovations include:

Compute Express Link: Industry’s first FPGA to support Compute Express Link, a cache and memory coherent interconnect to future Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
2nd-Generation HyperFlex Architecture: Up to 40 percent higher performance or up to 40 percent lower total power2 compared with Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs.
DSP Innovation: Only FPGA supporting hardened BFLOAT16 and up to 40 teraflops of digital signal processor (DSP) performance (FP16).
Peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) Gen 5: Higher bandwidth compared with PCIe Gen 4.
Transceiver Data Rates: Support up to 112 Gbps data rates.
Advanced memory support: DDR5, HBM, Intel Optane DC persistent memory support.

Intel Agilex FPGAs are built to deliver customized solutions for applications from the edge to the cloud. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) analytics at the edge, network and the cloud are compelling hardware systems to cope with evolving standards, support varying AI workloads, and integrate multiple functions. Intel Agilex FPGAs provide the flexibility and agility required to meet these challenges and deliver gains in performance and power1,2.

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