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Is 6GB RAM Enough for a Smartphone While Considering the Future Use of Mobiles?

The demand for higher RAM capacity in smartphones is on the rise because of the increase in memory-intensive applications. From realistic-looking video games to programmes that draw a substantial amount of RAM, today’s smartphones need to handle it all. 

A few years ago, most handsets shipped with 1GB or 2GB of RAM. However, due to the evolving nature of programmes, most modern-day handsets feature around 6 GB of RAM. Even Oppo phones under 10000 feature RAM sizes of around 4 GB, while the most premium handsets boast of 12 GB RAM. 

Thus, it can be difficult for individuals to choose the ideal RAM specification for their new handset. Here is what you need to know.

RAM requirement depends on how you plan to use the smartphone

Even when you use mobiles under 10000, the 4 GB of RAM can be sufficient for your daily use if you do not play games on the device. Moreover, if you only use a limited number of apps on this device, your requirement for memory would be minimal. 

Now, consider a user who is constantly playing games on their handset. Moreover, he/she quickly jumps from one game to another. Doing so would require a phone to keep multiple gaming applications open at the same time. In such cases, 4 GB RAM may not be sufficient. 

Look for Oppo best mobile phones, which come with 6GB or 8GB of RAM. These would be more suitable to handle such intensive usages.

6 GB RAM is sufficient if you plan to upgrade in a year or two

Suppose you tend to use a smartphone for a year or two. In such a case, opting for 6 GB RAM handsets now is wise. By the time 8 GB RAM becomes the standard, it would already be time for you to avail a newer handset. Presently, 6 GB of RAM should suffice if you are not a serious gamer.

Budgetary concerns

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How to apply for an EMI Network Card?

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With such a card to your name, acquiring the Oppo best mobile devices should no longer be an issue. You can also purchase premium handsets from companies, such as Apple and Samsung.


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