Latest leak shows a 12GB RAM variant for OnePlus 8T

Image Source : PhoneArena

OnePlus has confirmed that the upcoming 8T will be completely different from its predecessors as it would come with a flat display instead of a profound curve to each long edge like the 8 flagship series.

The latest teaser video showed the phone designs from its inagural One mobile device to a small glimpse of the latest model. It may confirm a new colour variant in this process.

Image Source : PhoneArena

Another leak indicates that the new style might be paired with 12GB RAM with the new phone. It comes in the form of the most recent Geekbench 5 listing for OnePlus KB2000, which like the KB2001 is thought to be a model number for 8T variant.

To add more credence to this new tip, the two sets of Geekbench listings show Android 11 as the OS in the question here – OnePlus has said that 8T would run this major software update out of the box. It would be based on stable Open Betas that at present can run on existing 8 and 8 Pro flagships.