Lenovo is building a Google Assistant-powered Smart Clock for your bedside

Lenovo Smart Clock

Following Amazon’s philosophy on smart home appliances, Google has partnered up with Lenovo to release a new Smart Clock which could be seen as a smaller version of the Smart Display by Lenovo.

The Smart Clock is mostly designed to tell the time and to wake users up in the morning. However, there are various other uses that this Smart Clock could attain. It can charge your device, play music, and even set up with a Google Assitant Routine for sleeping–so your devices go on silent mode with a voice command.

The Smart Clock has a 4-inch 400*800 touch screen at the front with a small built-in speaker for music and a USB port for charging other devices. The device is made up of the same material as Google Home Mini.

It was only a year ago that Google added the feature of setting music alarms with Google’s Assistant and now with the Lenovo Smart Clock, the company is taking it a step further.

Whether there is a market for Smart Clocks is not the point of the matter. Since Amazon has been expanding Alexa with the release of Echo Spot more than a year ago, which has since been expanded to include a minimalist wall clock and many more other third party clocks, Google too is setting out to secure its footing by expanding its Assitant to more devices.

Meanwhile, Google has announced a ton of other features and developments with its Assistant including, Interpret mode, addition of Assitant to Google Maps, Google Assistant on 2019 Samsung TVs and more.



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