Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 powered with 8th Gen Intel Core i5 is finally out

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 is now available for purchase. It is powered with 8th Gen Intel Core i5, a quad-core processor.

Surface Book 2 base model is 13.5-inch and has 256 Gb of storage and 8 Gb RAM. It includes an i5-8350U which bumps the processor’s maximum boost clock speed up to 3.6GHz. 

The new configuration not only goes from a 7th to an 8th gen model, but it also doubles the number of cores. That alone is expected to boost performance by 50%, at least according to some benchmarks.

The existing dual-core 7th Gen model will be kept at a discounted price of $1,299 whereas the refreshed quad-core model will be priced at $1,499. That said, if you really want raw power, the Core i7 configuration is still the one to beat as far as the 13-inch size is concerned. In addition to also being an 8th gen quad-core processor, the model also comes with an NVIDIA GPU, something that this new entry-level option still doesn’t have.

Microsoft has quietly launched this new model today. Microsoft is also holding a Surface event on April 17th in New York City. The company is expected to detail pricing and availability for its Surface Hub 2 hardware, and associated accessories and office furniture from Steelcase.


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