Nokia 7 Plus to receive another Android Pie update before stable release

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Nokia decided to roll-out a beta update before stable Beta version, for Nokia 7 Plus

Image Source: Google

Nokia launched the Nokia 7 Plus earlier this March 2018. Following its launch, the smartphone had a great amount of sale and the customers loved it.

Nokia has been among one of the smartphones manufactures to cater the smartphone OEMs, by rolling out the beta update version of Android Pie, before the stable version and is successfully continuing.

They have already released the Android Pie Beta 2 version in June and followed it with the Android Beta 3 just a month later.

Smartphone Owners were really happy about the Beta update they received earlier but were not informed about the stable update to roll-out and that would be mostly without any bugs, this month itself.

Receiving the Update for Nokia 7 Plus

However, recently an XDA member received an OTA labeled as Android 9 Pie Developer Update(V3.190).

The best part of the whole scenario as of now is that companies like, Nokia is already rolling out the Beta update for their devices, whereas other big companies aren’t even bothered to release updates for their flagship smartphones.

This type of effort was already showcased by smaller companies like Essential, they rolled out their security patch for the month of September and that was officially announced by Google & made public the very same day. Nokia would likely end up with the last of their Beta 4 update and provide the final stable version. So those who own Nokia 7 Plus are receiving the OEM updates already are very satisfied and content with the updates made to the final Android Pie Beta Version. It’s supposed to end with the Android Pie Beta 4 update that was rolled out early last month.

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It was last month when Mr. Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, told reporters at a media event in New Delhi that, ‘the stable release of Android 9 Pie would be made available for the Nokia 7 Plus in September’.

Nokia 7 Plus more updates on the go.

However, the devices that already received the another Android Pie update includes Android’s September security patches. There are likely some other changes which have already occurred under the hood since the previous update was version 3.150, while this new one is version 3.190.

This new update was informed via XDA junior member Xinacle who received the very first update of it yesterday afternoon.

Now, before jumping to conclusions here, Nokia could still have a stable build of Android 9 Pie ready to be released for the Nokia 7 Plus this month.

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Still having over 2 weeks left in the month, we might have to just wait and see if Mr. Sarvikas’ claims at that New Delhi media event were accurate or if, something may have pushed back the schedule.


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