OnePlus working on a smart TV, no foldable smartphone in works, reveals CEO Pete Lau

OnePlus TV

OnePlus is the company well known for its all-rounder flagship-level smartphone all around the globe. In India, the company has grabbed the position of number one smartphone company, within a few years of its launch. Now, it looks like OnePlus does not seem to be limited to smartphones anymore. The company is reportedly working on a smart TV. The company has not revealed the official name of the smart TV, nevertheless, rumors are addressing it simply as OnePlus TV. There is not much information about the upcoming OnePlus TV but in interaction with students at the European Institute of Design, Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO, has revealed a few details about the OnePlus TV.

Lau said that OnePlus is looking forward to expanding its presence to other sectors of the electronic market. Ergo, the company decided to bring up their first ever smart TV. Lau did not get into the details regarding the release date of the smart TV, however, rumors hint at a release later this year. In the interaction with students, Lau revealed that the OnePlus TV will come with a smart display.

He further noted that remote controls are getting obsolete now and instead he believes that AI can be integrated to understand the behavior of users and show relevant information according to the taste of users and what they watch. Lau further mentioned that OnePlus plans to get into the automobile industry in the future. He informed that OnePlus would be working on electronics rather than whole cars as it might turn out to be more complex. Lau also suggested that OnePlus might take full advantage of possibilities enabled by 5G, such as enhancing a virtual assistant.

Moreover, the CEO also admitted that the company is planning to build products for the office–something like the cloud-connected era, with the help of developments in AI and 5G. According to rumors, in-car and office gadgets will likely be developed over the course of the next few years.

Pete Lau, while addressing the latest trend of flexible smartphones, said that the company does not want to work on a foldable smartphone any time soon. According to Lau, foldable smartphones are not ready for prime time as of yet.

This year OnePlus is said to launch a total of three new devices–OnePlus 7OnePlus 7 Pro, and, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. This will mark the first time the company will be deviating from its practice of launching one device in the early months of the year and then following it with a T-variant four to five months later.



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