Poco F1 gets offical TWRP support

Poco F1

Xiaomi’s Poco F1 is the company’s candidate to match up with flagship Android phones without burning a hole in your pocket. Xiaomi launched the Poco F1 in August 2018 at a price range of ₹20,000. This made the Poco F1 the first phone to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC in the price range of midrange smartphones. Earlier, this position of “flagship killer” was held by Oneplus phones which gave flagship performance at half the price of that of a flagship. With Poco F1, Xiaomi was able to dethrone Oneplus and gain the best value for money for the performance.

Poco F1 has since been the go-to smartphone if you want high performance from your phone without going high on budget. Because of its price range, the Poco F1 has been the prime target of developers as well as it costs ₹20,000 and offers up to 8 GB of RAM with Qualcomm’s fastest processor.

The Poco F1 now officially supports TWRP, an open source software custom recovery. TWRP lets install custom ROM on your Android device and lets you overclock or underclock your android smartphone according to your preference. A custom recovery also lets you upgrade your phone to the latest Android version, even if the company has cut off your device for the updates.

Since Android is an open source platform, it lets developers edit the code and recompile or release it for a wide variety of devices. This is what the custom recovery software is based on. When you buy an Android device, it comes with a preinstalled ROM or firmware. Softwares like TWRP help in editing the code and boosting performances of the Android device.

Xiaomi has promised a 3 day wait period for the bootloader to unlock, which is although slower than Oneplus but faster than manufacturers like Samsung, LG and some of Xiaomi’s own smartphones.

With TWRP support for Poco F1, enthusiast developers would be able to customize their phones as they preferred.


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