Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 benchmark results are out, huge improvements

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC
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Qualcomm announced its next-gen flagship processor Snapdragon 855 in December 2018. Although so far there had not been many details about the performance of the SoC as the processor was yet to be tested on a benchmarking platform. According to a few reports, Qualcomm has finally tested its latest processor on various benchmark platforms and the results are impressive. The Snapdragon 855 managed to put some really impactful figures on the benchmarking scorecards.

The tests were performed on a reference device provided by Qualcomm that was powered by Snapdragon 855 coupled with 6GB of RAM and running Android 9 Pie with customized AOSP software. For comparison, the two other devices: Snapdragon 845-powered Pixel 3XL and Kirin 980-powered Honor Magic 2 were tested along with the Snapdragon 855-powered device. The benchmark scores mentioned below were recorded by XDA developers, the scores might differ slightly as other sources test the SoC.

Benchmark Platform Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 845 Kirin 980
AnTuTu 359,000-360,500 285,000 273,495
Geekbench (Single-core) 3,500-3,600 2,384.3 3,335.3
Geekbench (Multi-core) 11,000-12,000 8,317.7 9,838
GFXBench ES3.1 71 60.3 53.3
PCMark 9,000 9,083.7 7,547.3
JetStream 116-117 87.6 94.4


Starting with the most popular benchmark platform, Antutu: The Snapdragon 855 SoC’s average score on Antutu was 359,000 to 360,500. Qualcomm’s last year’s processor, on the other hand, scored an average of 285,000. Lastly, the Kirin 980 scored an average of  273,495 on the benchmarking platform. The Snapdragon 855 outscored both its predecessor and the kirin 980 on Antutu’s benchmark scores.

In the Geekbench’s multicore test also Snapdragon 855 made an impression. With a score ranging from  11,000 and 11,200 marks, the Snapdragon 855 outpaced the Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 980, both of which had an average score 8,317 and 9,838 points, respectively. In the Geekbench’s single-core test, Snapdragon 855 scored an average of 3,500-3,600, while Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 980 managed to put out an average score of 2,384 and 3,335.

Besides its superior processing power, the Snapdragon 855 also boasts an impressive graphics processing power.  In the GFXBench ES3.1 1080 Manhattan Offscreen test, Qualcomm’s latest SoC scored an average of 71 points compared to its predecessor’s average of 60.3. Kirin 980, on the other hand, scored an average of 53.3.

The upcoming devices that are to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor include Samsung Galaxy S10, Sony Xperia XZ4, and Xiaomi Black Shark ‘Skywalker’. However, so far, only a few companies including Oneplus has confirmed that its next device will come with Snapdragon 855.

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