Samsung Galaxy Fold review units reportedly already breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold early buyers might be in for a surprise, according to some journalist who reported some issue with their review unit. Dieter Bohn from The Verge reported a bulge that appeared in the crease of the display and ended up breaking the display after just a few days. Similarly, CNBC’s Steve Kovach tweeted that the display on his Galaxy Fold unit has started flickering.

At the meantime, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that the display on his review unit is busted, although he admitted to taking off a “protective layer/film” that Samsung warned against removing. Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee reported a similar problem after he removed the protective layer, thinking it was a screen protector. Samsung has put a warning on the wrap urging users to not to remove the protective layer.

While the implementation of a foldable display warrants risk and vulnerability to various forms of complications, Samsung cannot afford another hardware disaster following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle–in which the company had to recall and discontinue the handsets after numerous battery explosions. Samsung has not yet fully revealed its Galaxy Fold after sales plans, however, rumor has it that Samsung will be offering free screen replacement.

Meanwhile, at $2000, Samsung Galaxy Fold carries a big price tag, although that has not stopped people from snapping the device in pre-orders before even getting a chance to try it on the store. Samsung has been reported to have sold out of its initial run, although before the reports about the screen started to flood in.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. The 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Dynamic AMOLED panel boasts of a resolution of  1536×2152 pixels (4.2:3), whereas the smaller 4.6-inch Super AMOLED panel includes 840×1960 pixels resolution (21:9). The smartphone also features 12GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage which is not expandable. Samsung has included two batteries that are placed on the side of the phone combining a total capacity of 4,380mAh.



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