Samsung remains top phone vendor in Europe in Q3 2020; Xiaomi gets third spot : Canalys

Canalys has released a few reports showing the performance of key smartphone manufacturers at the European market. The particular interest is the performance of Huawei. The company shifted its focus to Europe after it was shut off by US at the North American market. The recent ban that prevented the company from using Google services and this seems to have continued to take its toll because the reports show that Huawei recorded around 31% decline in its annual growth though it maintains the fourth position at the European market ranking.

Samsung has maintained its lead at the market though it recorded a slender 3% annual growth. Samsung commands a 34% share of the European smartphone market and US tech giant Apple is at the second position with an estimated market share of 19% in Q3 2020.

Canalys Newsroom- Global smartphone market Q3 2020
Image Source : Canalys

Xiaomi is in the third position with around 19% share of the market like Apple. Canalys says that the market of Xiaomi represents a staggering annual growth of 91%. The largest growth recorded in the report is the ascent of Oppo at the top 5 European smartphone vendors with 3% share of the market. The performance represents a 396% annual growth for Oppo.

The chart is almost similar at Western Europe with all of the European market but most of the sales of Oppo have came from Western Europe where it recorded around 942% annual growth.

Xiaomi has emerged as the top smartphone vendor at Spain with a market share of 34%. Samsung is at the second position with 26% market share and Huawei is at the third position with 15% market share. Oppo is at the fourth position with 8% market share and Apple is at the fifth position with 7% market share. The market share of Apple is expected to rebound after the release of iPhone 12 in the fourth quarter.