Samsung working on two more foldable smartphones: Report

Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Samsung might be looking forward to bringing more foldable smartphones to the tech market. According to a report by The Bell, Samsung is working on two new foldable devices called “Type G” and “Type S”. The devices are said to be larger variants of the delayed Galaxy Fold.

Starting with the Type G, the device reportedly features an 8-inch screen when unfolded and two sides that form the letter G when folded. The Type S, on the other hand, reportedly features a 13-inch display when unfolded and is somewhat shaped like the letter S.

Samsung filed a patent for the Type S back in November 2018, giving us an idea about the overall look of the device. The report has not added when these devices might get released.

Given all of this is just rumors, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Notwithstanding, a report last month also suggested that Samsung is working on two foldable smartphones, one of which will have Galaxy Fold-like clamshell design while the other would fold outwards like the Huawei Mate X. The older reports claim that Samsung would either announce the out-folding device later this year or in the next year.

Samsung foldable device

Unfortunately, currently, Samsung is involved in quality control criticism regarding the display issues on its latest Galaxy Fold. The company officially indefinitely postponed the release of the Galaxy Fold in China and other regions due to the display issues.

Whether the same issues will persist in the next upcoming variants of the foldable smartphones is unlikely. Samsung, having taken criticism about the display issues already, would likely work on delivering a more competent and durable device, especially if costs almost ₹1,40,000.

While the implementation of a foldable display warrants risk and vulnerability to various forms of complications, Samsung cannot afford another hardware disaster following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle–in which the company had to recall and discontinue the handsets after numerous battery explosions.



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