Samy launches a 32-inch Android TV in India, Priced at Just ₹4,999

Samy 32-inch Android TV

India has witnessed some really potentially great TVs in the smart TV market and the competition in the consumer electronics market has made LED TVs available to us at a very budget-friendly price. However, a company named Samy has launched a very cheap 32-inch smart TV based on Android OS. The specifications on the TV is the same as any other Android TV in this segment. The real head-turner though is the price tag of the TV. Samy has made this 32-inch smart TV available for a price tag of ₹4,999. 

Nevertheless, the TV will cost more if the taxes are included. Calculating the price of the Samy TV including the taxes that customers have to pay, the TV, in India, could be bought at ₹8,000.

Another interesting part of the deal, except the pricing of the TV, is the condition Samy has put on the purchase of the TV. In order to purchase the TV, users will have to customers will have to use their Aadhar card. Since the Supreme Court restricted entities from using Aadhar number as a verification process, this entire thing should be taken with a sense of skepticism, given that Samy is a private company. Nevertheless, with a price tag that low, the TV will grab more attention than it will end up raising eyebrows.

In terms of specifications, the TV comes with the Android TV platform and is said to support all the smart apps and services. it has an IPS HD panel with 1366 x 768 resolution. At the audio front, the TV has a pair of 10W speakers and in terms of connectivity, the TV comes with 2 HDMI as well as 2 USB ports. The Samy 32-inch TV weighs around 6Kg and the wall mount accessories and smart remote are included in the box.

The company has claimed that the reason for the low pricing of the TV is because all the components are manufactured locally. The company has also noted that the TV is developed under the government’s “Make in India” initiative. Customers who are interesting in getting their hands on the Samy 32-inch TV can do so by downloading the Samy app from Google Play Store and authenticating themselves with Aadhaar card number. The company claims that it has distributors in many states of India.

“We are offering a wide variety at Value for Money proposition. There is a huge potential in the market and a large base of consumer untouched through the country. Other than urban-semi urban, the rural market is expanding rapidly. Keeping in mind about the ‘Make in India’ & ‘Start-up India’, our objective is to provide each and every class, lower income family could enjoy the smart TV with a price range of Rs.4,999 on a premium side comparison to high budget TV,” said Avinash Mehta, Director, Samy Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

If you are planning on buying the Samy 32-inch smart TV, We would recommend taking this deal with a little skepticism. However, if the company stays true to its promise and delivers the TV at the given price range then we might see a new player in the smart TV market.

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