Xiaomi eyeing ability to store earbuds inside your phone

Xiaomi has always been taking new challenges in order to come up with new concept and new designs. But the recent concept of the company can turn out to be a bridge for others. The Chinese company has come up with a smartphone where one can find wireless earbuds inside it.

As per the reports, at the top of the phone the earbuds are present into shafts. When stored, the heads of the earbuds can pivot to point upward. When in use it can fit right into the eyes. According to the design, the earbuds can act as a double loudspeaker, but there is a big question on the cleanliness.

Other roadblocks could be faced by the design of Xiaomi. There is no clear thought that Xiaomi would need to  fit in the larger battery and the components to charge the earbuds. There can be negative effect too for the room of other components.

The earbuds also comes with several advantages. There are less chances that you forget it at home, and also you carry one item less in your bag or pocket.

At any time soon, we will see a device like this ti break the patent status. The wireless earbuds comparatively remain bulky in design, so a device made to carry these would work smoothly. It also puts forward the idea that we would need a smartphone which is thicker than the current one.


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