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Xiaomi opens its 3000th Mi Store in India

Image Source : PhoneTalk

The journey of Xiaomi started in the year 2010. Xiaomi was following the online sales system which didn’t work well and then they started opening up Mi stores. Xiaomi was also a recipient of the Guinness World Record in November 2018 when they opened around 500 Mi stores throughout India.

Image Source : China2West

By August 2019, the count increased to 2000 and now this year, it has broken the record by opening up the 3000th store. According to the mentioned record, it can be clearly said that between August 2019 and August 2020, Mi opened around 1000 stores and these stores have been highly successful in attracting consumers towards their products.

The COO of Mi India, Muralikrishnan B has recently stated that they have received continuous support from the fans and partners of Mi which helped them to launch their 3000th store. They are now known as the largest exclusive single-brand retail network in the country. He also said that their retail network has helped thousands of people o become entrepreneurs by associating with Mi India and are now planning to achieve more than what they have done.




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