Xiaomi starts to push Ads in core apps on MiUi

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Xiaomi now invading private space as well

Probably if you are a Xiaomi phone user you may have noticed the annoying ads on their phones, and they’re now in the settings app too.

Xiaomi’s MIUI custom ROM for most of its smartphones has been praised a lot by a lot of users for its smooth & snappy operation. Although people prefer less-intrusive & more smooth UI, Mi UI has been a great option out there.

What the user seems to experience?

However, if one has noticed Xiaomi is notoriously famous to embed ads in their apps & what not. As one Reddit user noticed, the ads are now also in the Settings app.

A post by user u/chootingfeng shares a screenshot of his smartphone which appears to show an advertisement. He confirmed that the advertisements appeared on both of his smartphones, Mi Max 2 & Xiaomi Mi Note LTE.

Image Source: Reddit

Xiaomi has been very famous to put up ads everywhere across apps in their smartphones, but this time they took it to their core functioning apps as well. They have started to push these ads to the basic of every app, which even includes the settings app. Sure one gets used to the ads after a while but, something bought for one’s own private use should stay as they desire & not as how the company forces them too.

ADS tagging along everywhere

Ads can typically be found in apps such as Mi Browser, Mi File Manager, Mi Music, and other system apps, but these can be ignored and replaced with other options. In the case of settings, users don’t exactly have an option to opt out with and will be forced to look at those ads. It’s particularly intrusive considering that your smartphone is something you’ve paid for, and ads should not ideally be baked into the UI.

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Many users have been putting up explanations about how come they have their devices so aggressively priced & this is the price to pay for the cheap price tag it comes along with. Sooner or later, they get used to the ads & start to ignore them.

Spend your worthy time to get rid of it

It’s worth noting that these apps can have these ads disabled from them, but the whole process to remove these embed ads is little more than complicated and forces the users to remove from each & every one of them individually. Keeping this in mind that I would be very time consuming, a lot of experienced users don’t even go to the effort of removing them.


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