Argentine capital Buenos Aires to discuss online gambling regulatory framework


Argentine Legislature has decided to discuss two bills relating to regulation of online gambling industry. One of the Bills relates to tackling of problem gambling provisions and the other Bill sets a new regulatory framework for online gambling industry.

The regulatory authority under the law would be Finance Ministry which would gain regulatory control and the period of license validity has been kept as five years. The Law on online gambling might declare that the operators must contribute between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of each bet, as opposed to paying certain fees.

One of the members of the legislature intends to mandate Debit Cards rather than credit cards for gambling purposes.

The sponsorships from betting operators and advertisement of gambling operations are the issues that are yet to be discussed. However, opposition seems fixated on denial of advertisements.

The online gambling regulation came into force in Argentine in February 2020 and the current regulation is seen as an amendment to this one where law would be revised on eligibility to apply for business license.

The amended law seeks to prohibit organized crime lords such trafficking, drugs etc. to apply for land based casino license and emphasizes upon ‘clean record’ provisions.


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