Arizona’s bar owners win legal battle against discriminatory lockdown on their businesses


The bars in Arizona’s state of Unite States were locked down by the US government as a COVID-19 preventive measure.

The bars and the activities associated with it such as video games, pools tables, darts etc. were also to be closed down during the said period.

The business owners of the bars suffered huge losses due to this lockdown and moved to challenge the measure before the legal authorities.

They had contended that the lockdown imposed was unlawfully discriminatory against them as the restaurants were allowed to fully function with just limitation on its occupancy, while the bars and their machines were ordered to be fully closed down.

Governor Doug Ducey and Cara Christ, the Department of Health Services Director, were fighting this legal battle on behalf of US government. However, they had to yield before the contentions of the bar owners and now the state’s pool tables, darts games and all other forms of amusement from video games and pinball to juke boxes can be made operational by the bar owners, reported Intergame.

However, the businessmen state that battle is not yet over as several unjustified restrictions such as a maximum of four players at a pool table and two players at a video game, with no spectators etc. remain to be fought against.