Australian media regulator insists on following gambling advertising rules


The Australian media regulator, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) insisted on compliance of gambling advertising rules by the gambling companies.

The ACMA stated that after an observation of 12 months it has found that operators are not strictly following the advertising rules.

The rules place restrictions such as ban on gambling advertisements from 5:00 am to 8:30 am, prohibition of gambling ads over live sport on television or on radio or online.

The relaxed advertising norms exist outside these hours.

However, the gambling operators have been interpreting and bending the rules as per their own sweet will.

On this ACMA stated that, “The ACMA found this exemption is being widely used, and sometimes combined with an exemption for low audience share subscription television channels from the broadcasting codes of practice restrictions,” reported Gambling Insider.

ACMA added, “As the size of online audiences for live sporting events continues to grow in Australia, it may be relevant to also consider the potential online audience share for live sporting events broadcast on TV, so that exemptions continue to apply as intended, where there are genuinely small audiences”, reported Gambling Insider.