Betfred’s $2m jackpot refusal case: Petitioner could have won $500 m had he continued playing


The Indian Wire had reported about Mr. Andy Green’s case, who was refused to cash his $2 million jackpot by Betfred.

The British betting giant, Betfred, was dragged by Green to High Court claiming $2.6 million (including interest) for refusing to pay his jackpot money which the petitioner had won while playing blackjack.

The matter has been going on since January 2018 and finally Mr. Green decided to sue Betfred and its parent company, Gibraltar-based Petre.

In the hearing the company claimed ‘software error’ before court and stated that software systems get troubled up sometimes and do not shuffle.

At this instance, the cards kept getting collected and did not get shuffled due to software error. This increased the possibility of winnings 7,000 times in favour of Mr. Green.

The company further stated that, had Mr. Green continued playing, he xould have won $500 million dollars as the system was not shuffling the cards.

The lawyer for the company argued that, “My learned friend says it is unfair or onerous for Betfred to say in that situation we want to protect ourselves, not have to pay out. We all know software can contain errors and defects. Mr. Green played for an hour and a half and the trophy cards grew and grew. Three times he won 7,000 times his stake. These cards were meant to be random and they weren’t”, reported Daily Mail UK.

Mr. Green’s case revolves around the terms and conditions of Betfred, which states that all “pays and plays”, are void in the event of a “malfunction”.