Betting market as hot as $150m in UK over US Presidential Elections; 70% stakes in favour of Biden


The betting market in European countries, especially in UK is booming money. With odds shifting from Trump to Biden, as much as $150 million has been staked so far by the bettors.

Since, betting on any kind of state election results is prohibited in US, the UK market is strikingly hot.

Many gambling specialists have lost hope in Trump winning the elections, this season as 70% of the bets were placed at Democratic candidate, Joe Biden this time, as reported by Odds Checker.

Matt Glantz, high-stakes mixed game specialist, tweeted that, “I’m at the point where I am done trying to convince the true believers that Trump is finished. At this point, I just want to save my friends some money. Plz DO NOT bet any more $ on Trump!”, reported Card Player.

The voting for election of President of United States is set to take place on November 3, 2020.

Till then, gamblers are keeping calm while staking huge amount of money on their likely winning candidate.