California: Graton Casino increases minimum wage for its employees


Where a number of casinos are either getting shut down or laying off its workforce, the Graton Resort and Casino has proved to be an exception.

Graton Casino, a tribal casino in northern California has announced that it is going to increase the minimum wage it offers its hourly workers.

The casino announced that increment in the wages has been made for both tipped hourly workers and non tipped hourly workers.

Where the hourly tipped workers including dealers and bartenders, got a minimum $2.50 raise to $17.50, the non-tipped hourly workers got at least a $3.25 raise to $18.50.

Notably, the salaried positions have also been promised at least a 10 percent raise.

In the interview to the, Tribal Chairman Greg Sarris said that the raises are in line with the tribe’s mission of social justice. It’s also coincidental to discussions in Washington to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, he added.