Century Casinos opens door for all 8 casinos in Poland


Century Casinos has announced of its re-opening in Poland. The operator announced that it would re-open all its 8 casinos in Poland.

The casinos were temporarily locked down for a period of two months following COVID-19.

The North American casino operator’s Casinos Poland, the holder of 67% stake in, would get re-opened on 12 February. The places would remain open till at-least 28 February while the Polish government would re-assess certain coronavirus protective measures.

As per Gambling Insider, a statement from Century Casinos said: “There is no assurance that the casinos will be allowed to remain open past 28 February 2021; if the casinos are required to close again at that time, the company will report such closures in its Form 10-K for the year ended 31 December 2020.”