China using facial recognition technology to combat gambling crimes

China has been already making efforts since a long time to combat illegal and overseas gambling. It believes that gambling and crime are intrinsically related and need to be stopped.

Last year, it started the use of Big Data to identify the perpetrators of cross border gambling and catch them at the border itself. It had also come down heavily upon neighboring countries luring Chinese nationals.

China intends to prevent the outflow of billions of dollars of money that costs China financially and gets drained out of the mainland. It also prescribed harsh prison sentences to perpetrators. 

In the series of similar attempts, it has now employed the use of facial recognition technology in ATMs to prevent the gambling related crimes. They have already being installed in Zhuhai and Gongbei district.

The ATMs equipped with facial recognition technology would be able to alarm the authorities about excessive and unauthorized withdrawals. Similar technology was used in Macau claiming that it is just to check the identity of the withdrawer. However, it is largely believed that the technology was actually being used to monitor cross-border cash activity between the city and mainland China.

The technology would also prevent the individuals from allowing non-cardholders to use their cards to transfer potentially illicit funds.

Despite the technology facing lawsuits and backlash from major portions of the world, China has moved ahead what it believes to be the solution to combat illegal gambling and related crimes.