Chinese gambling and money laundering racket update: victims were trained to gamble by organizers


The on-going investigation in fraud and money laundering case via Chinese gambling apps has taken a dramatic turn. The police have been informed that the victims were targeted through closed conversation platforms such as messenger, telegram etc. and were trained to invest in gambling.

The Central Crime Station, Hyderabad has been investigating this case for over a month now and also had made several arrests in connection with the same. A Chinese National, representative of Beijing T company was also arrested in the process. Further, Enforcement Directorate had also raided several locations all over India over suspicions of money laundering via Chinese gambling Apps. The ED had also frozen four bank accounts worth 46 crore rupees a month ago during the raid.

In connection with the same Hyderabad gambling cases, it has been reveled that organizers of gambling websites compelled players/victims to undergo an online training programme wherein the victims were taught how to invest money in gambling.


In confidence of having received the training, the players used to place online bets and used to win first few rounds as a boost up. However, after few rounds the players started losing money due to manipulations done in the game by the organizers. This practice took within its sweep several players who ended up losing lakhs of rupees on these gambling apps.

An FIR lodged at one of the police stations stated that, “I got a link on Telegram. Subsequently, they asked me to join the group (boninwealth) After I joined, they gave me training on how to invest in During the training they suggest predictions in colour game”, reported Times of India. The victim in this case had lost Rupees 7 Lakh.

The investigation in the case is still going on and more information is likely to come up during the course of investigation by Hyderabad police.


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