COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc; Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Casino and Resorts officially terminates 18,000 employees

The impact of COVID-19 continues to make buzz around the world. This time, it’s the Casino employees of United States who have to bear the brunt of the setback to the economy caused by COVID-19.

The losses in jobs, delayed joining, lay-offs, and terminations has become a phenomenon in India due the slowing down of economy.  To no-one’s surprise, several other nations including US have been affected due to this unprecedented situation.

In light of the above context, the biggest and most famous casino owners of Las Vegas, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) have moved to terminate nearly 18,000 of their Casino employees. The termination comes to effect from August 31, 2020 and has been done in response to COVID-19 situation.

The workers of the Casino were notified of the same last week that their furloughs would be converted to permanent termination as the requirements of the workplace have changed. The recent situation has lead to reduced customer traffic in the casinos and hence lesser revenue generation. This had made the huge number of workforce at the resort obsolete.

The termination is going to reduce the MGM’s workforce by 25 percent, which is huge.


MGM CEO, Hornbuckle reportedly stated in the termination letter that, “While we have safely resumed operations at many of our properties and have returned tens of thousands of our colleagues to work, our industry-and country-continues to be impacted by the pandemic, and we have not returned to full operating capacity”.

While the termination has been permanent, the employees would continue to receive health benefits through the month of September. Mr. Hornbuckle has expressed optimism by stating that he is hopeful that the US will respond adequately to this crisis and the workforce would soon return to their jobs. He has also stated that the employees, if return to their jobs before end of the year 2021, would gain back their seniority levels and would be absorbed in the industry accordingly.


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