DJ Chetas on suspect list of Mumbai police as IPL betting racket investigation proceeds

One of the premier DJs of recent times, Chetas alias Chetas Shah, who has also composed few songs for Bollywood has become a suspect in an IPL betting racket being investigated by Mumbai Police.

Joint commissioner of Police (Crime) Milind Bharambe stated that it is yet to be ascertained whether he was part of the racket or was only placing bets.

“Our team is looking for him”, he added.

Police raided a flat in Mulund few days ago and arrested Dipesh Jain, Piyush Jawarharbhai Ashaar, Dinesh Mehta and Hardik Mataliya for accepting bets in an ongoing match between CSK and KKR.

The accused were presented before magistrate seeking custody of the arrested persons wherein police mentioned that it is looking for 6 persons more including Chetas, reported Times of India.