In rather shocking news, Russian legislators approved amendments to a gambling legislation at the eleventh hour.

Just a day before, The Indian Wire had reported of the Ministry of Finance, Russia’s intention to delay the amendments till January 22, 2021. However, approving the amendments abruptly the Russian legislators have left the bookmakers and gambling operators frowning.

The Bill which now has been approved is aimed at hiking Russian bookmakers’ contributions to local sports, eliminating two betting industry associations, creating a new Unified Gambling Regulator and establishing a single hub for online betting payments.

Though the bookies and operators had serious issues over these changes, the Duma seems to have not paid any heed to those concerns.

As per’s report, a new Unified Gambling Regulator will report to Rosimushchestvo, the Federal Agency for State Property Management, rather than to the Ministry of Finance as originally proposed. This regulator will oversee the operation of the new centralized payment hub, which will replace other two existing payment gateways.

The tax burden, deposit fee, operator’s contribution to sports body etc. has also been increased substantially.