GambleAware to launch next phase of National Gambling Treatment Service awareness campaign


GambleAware which is the Gambling harm prevention charity is soon going to launch next part of its National Gambling Treatment Service awareness campaign.

The new phase of the campaign, titled as ‘Start to regain control’, will run on radio, digital platforms and in the regional press throughout January.

The charity’s campaign will focus on how gambling can takeover summed up by the line “when you’re there, but not there”. It seeks to address the gambling problem phase where people feel disconnected from friends and family.

Notably, the GambleAware charity had also begun a research in order to examine the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns last year. It was represented through Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI), which the research said increased during lockdown phase.

As per Gambling Insider, GambleAware Communications and Engagement director Zoe Osmond said: “So far the campaign has proven to be successful in encouraging people to contact the National Gambling Treatment Service for support, but there is still more to be done.”

She added, “During the pandemic and this extremely difficult time for people, it is vital that we continue to ensure those in need of help understand what services are available to them, which is why we are taking this targeted approach to help reach those high risk areas across Great Britain.”