Islamic Republic of Iran is preparing a new gambling law to address online gambling and betting. The Draft law proposes death sentence for online gamblers and operators of gambling websites.

The gambling is banned in the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 but the law does not address online gambling.

Due to this challenge the law enforcement agencies and cyber cell had been busy tackling illegal online gambling. The Central Bank of Iran had also been under the radar for approving gambling transitions.

However, the bank claimed that it had made efforts to curb illegal gambling payments.

According to, Reza Taghipour Anvari, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Industries Commission, said: “the aim of the legislation is to criminalize the perpetrators of Internet gambling, the operators of betting sites and those who transfer money in this field, and the necessary punishment will be determined in accordance with this law.”

Hassan Norouzi, vice-president of the Judiciary and Legal Commission was quoted by Iranian media outlets, saying “tough punishments” would be imposed on both gamblers and the online sites they patronize.