Gambling operations halted as England enters lockdown for the third time

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England would be locked down for a third time following rising cases of corona virus.

The lockdown would be made effective from January 4, 2021 and would be similar to March, 2020 restrictions.

The essential operations such as supermarkets, medical shops and religious places have been allowed to remain open. The non essential businesses such as gyms, restaurants, pubs, casinos will remain closed.

The people would be confined to home and have been permitted to move only for limited reasons. The schools have been shifted to remote or online learning.

As such all bingo halls, casinos and betting shops in England have been told to close once again with the new rules to be reviewed on 15 February. However, the professional sport in England is allowed to continue behind closed doors.

The casinos had opened recently in August 2020 after being shut down since March 2020. Now once again the entire gambling industry has been directed to shut down temporarily.