German Sports Betting Association DSWV insists on strong regulatory measures to prevent black market activities in Germany

Recently, online gambling regulations were proposed in Germany with a view to regulate and curb black market activities in the field of gambling.  The regulation has allowed operation of online casinos and online poker and slot games.

However, the regulation which is expected to come into force from July 2021, has placed several regulations on online gambling and betting.  Strict measures have been placed such as $1.18 stake limit on virtual slot machines and a limited in-play sports betting market. The restrictions on internet advertisements from 6 am to 9 pm have also been placed to regulate online gambling.

However, DSWV, a German Sports Betting Association in an interview with Gambling Insider stated that the regulations need to be more stringent. They believe that measures are important and regulatory but they need to be more restrictive.

DSWV Managing Director Luka Andric, told Gambling Insider, “Whether the market can thrive will depend to a large extent on whether the authorities will be able to effectively block non license holders from offering their products to German customers. We are not fully convinced that this will work well and some regulatory amendments may be necessary fairly quickly in order to channel consumers towards licensed operators”.


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